Dr Pixie McKenna & Dr Sera Shoukru run the only dedicated International Students Clinic in central London.

They recognise the barriers to accessing health care when you are new to a large city like London.

Whether you are an here for a short term overseas exchange programme or longer to pursue a degree or diploma.

They are on hand to help. Based on decades of experience with international students they know how easy it can be to focus on your studies and forget about your health. Find out more…

Not a Student ? We have an international patients service in our other clinic HERE


Arriving in a new country can be daunting

You find yourself having to adapt to changes in everything from climate to culture, things often seem so different!  It is an exciting time but it can sometimes prove overwhelming and exhausting.

Our doctors understand how stressful falling ill in unfamiliar surroundings can be and aim to make your patient journey as easy as possible whatever your ailment.

They also recognise that any existing problems you may have can be made worse by the effects of adjusting to unfamiliar food, a different climate and the emotional strains of being away from home.

As Private General Practitioners with in a pivotal location, based at The London Clinic, they can help you manage all aspects of health care, from the most basic prescription requirements to more complex health needs. Through their extensive experience with International patients they can help students not only navigate the health care system but also provide advice on looking after yourself while living abroad.

Our aim is to keep illness off the student agenda!


  • Consultations for all health concerns
  • Prescriptions – repeat and new
  • Contraceptive advice and commencement
  • Sexual Health screening and advice
  • Blood Tests
  • Sports injuries advice and management
  • Management of Mental Health and psychological concerns
  • Referrals and priority access to world class specialists
  • Concierge coordination of all your health care needs

Not a Student ? We have an international patients service in our other clinic HERE


Please call, text or email our reception staff for more information:

Mobile: 07495 847 070
Landline: 0207 616 7773
The London Clinic appointments team: 0207 616 7693
Email: info@londoninternationalstudentsclinic.com